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Building Next Generation STEM Leaders: How to Create Makerspaces in Schools

New standards are driving the increased incorporation of hands-on learning in schools. Many schools have implemented 1:1 programs, making traditional computer labs redundant. This session by expert speaker Dr. David Thornburg explores both why and how to create makerspaces in schools using space that has been allocated for computer labs.
Learn how these rooms (computer labs) can be reconfigured into makerspaces where students can explore curricular topics through the making of artifacts. Tools in these spaces can include 3D printers, Arduinos, “soft circuit” tools for wearable electronics, and many other things. The idea is to unleash the creativity and tinkering that is implied by the engineering component of the Next Generation Science Standards as well as connecting to the Common Core State Standards.

You will be shown examples of the kinds of equipment and projects that can be used in these spaces, and see how affordable these tools have now become. We are entering a new world where our children will become the next generation of makers! This audio conference explores ways for us to prepare them to do so.
Training Objective:
  • Why schools need to bring more hands-on learning into the classroom.
  • How to select the tools needed in a school- or library-based makerspace. This includes hand tools, electronic workspaces, 3D printers, and other tools.
  • What kind of preparation students need to use the makerspace.
  • How to create projects for students to do that connect to the curriculum across most grade levels.
  • How increased student enthusiasm will lead to deeper learning.
  • Explore the connections to the new math and science standards.
*Attend in a Group and save up to 50%. To Book, Call Now: 1-800-223-8720

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