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Code Oregon – A free accelerated job training program

 Code Oregon is an exciting free tech job training program currently open to Oregon residents ages 18+ who are legal to work. It is an opportunity for community members to skill up for higher paying jobs. Launched with the goal of training 10,000 people in Mobile Development, Front-end Web Development, Back-end Web Development and Design, Code Oregon will then place this highly trained professional in in-demand jobs that pay $45-70k to start.  Code Oregon is a partnership between Worksystems, the region’s Workforce Investment Board, and Treehouse to create a software talent pipeline to support growing industry demand.

           Accelerated Job Training – Treehouse will provide quality online training that teaches high-demand languages such as iOS, Android, HTML, CSS, WordPress, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, and more.  They’ve had success with unemployed and underemployed adults learning job-ready skills within 6-12 months.  Students earn digital badges to demonstrate proficiency and build a digital portfolio for internships and jobs.

            Career Placement Services – Treehouse will identify job-ready students through an algorithm that considers badges/points earned/digital portfolio.  Worksystems and WorkSource will provide additional career coaching, mentoring, and facilitate placements in paid internships and jobs through on-the-job training funding.   In partnership with our Technology Association of Oregon, they are signing on tech employers who will interview and consider job-ready students for internships/jr. developer positions.

Sign up at Let’s get communities back-to-work in high-paying tech jobs!

More information, email Lainie Block Wilker.

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