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Integrating the Common Core and NGSS—using The Private Eye® Program

Date & Time: July 25 – 29, 2016, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Location: TBA, Beaverton, OR
Grade Levels: K-12
PSU Graduate Credit*: $1,100 – 3 graduate credits, summer term, CRN 81721
Instructors: Kerry Ruef and David Melody (
Link to Registration Instructions: Click here

“The Private Eye changes the emphasis from that of a ‘teacher centered’ learning environment to that of a ‘student centered’ one. I can’t wait to get started and feel that this class has reinvigorated my own interest in science…” — Allyson Dubuque, Beaverton School District

Dandelions! Crickets! Eyeballs! In a unique collaboration between the STEM Center, PSU, and the acclaimed Private Eye Program, elementary and secondary teachers will explore how to use this hands-on, interdisciplinary program to rev-up student motivation, enrich content understanding, and heighten critical and creative thinking.

Teachers will apply crosscutting ideas of analogies, patterns, scale and proportion, systems and models, and structure and function throughout science, math, and literacy. The focus will be on embedding the use of a jeweler’s loupe and questioning strategies into STEM content areas, as well as scientific and mathematical practices to enhance students’ ability to: 1) develop motivational bridges between content areas; 2) make investigation into content areas simpler, but sophisticated and scholarly; 3) develop students who naturally write-across-the-curriculum with high-level results.

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