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Earning College Credit in High School


The South Metro-Salem STEM Partnership (SMS STEM) is dedicated to expanding STEM-related (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) dual credit opportunities for their K-12 education partners. There are many different terms associated with earning college credit in high school. Examples include: dual credit, college credit now, advanced college credit, early college, advanced credit program, accelerated credit, middle college, or tech prep.  All of these programs allow students to access college credit while in high school and studies have shown that students who participate in these programs are more likely to go to college and complete a degree program.

No matter what you call it, earning college credit while in high school gives a high school student a jump start on his or her future!

The video below provides student testimonials about how earning college credit in high school has shaped their educational journey.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can access college credit you should begin by talking to your high school counselor to understand what programs are available at your high school.

Several colleges are participating in expanding college credit through the SMS STEM partnership. For more information please visit the links to each college.

To learn more about SMS STEM’s mission to expand dual credit contact:

Melissa Dubois