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Oregon Game Project Challenge- Game Jam and Coach Training 11/19

Oregon Game Project Challenge (OGPC) is a program that uses a game development competition as a means of engaging students in various STEM/STEAM disciplines while having loads of fun.  OGPC uses games as the medium to bring it all together.

Each year, OGPC announces a new theme (such as “Urban Planning”, “Internal Obstacles” and “What Makes a Hero?”) A team’s primary objective is to build a game that explores that theme and share it at the OGPC main event. To build their game, teams must design the gameplay rules and goals, write a story and develop characters, create art for the visuals, record sound and music and write computer code to make it all work. Then, at the main event, they must present their work to professional judges and “sell” their product.

Game creation through OGPC encompasses the entire STEAM focus (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Design, and Mathematics) in one unified program. It bridges the disciplines in a way that most academic courses do not and encourages students with different talents to work together.

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Season kickoff and Game Jams are November 19th. Coaches that come to Game Jam will be eligible to have their team(s) $50 registration fee(s) for the main event reimbursed by the Oregon Computer Science Teacher Association!



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