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Scholarship Opportunities Available to Aspiring Trades Workers

Intern Solutions connects students and other young adults with job solutions every day, and lately, a fantastic trend has shown more and more people are opting for a trade rather than a white collar career. The team at Intern Solutions could not be more thrilled about that! Not only do those careers fulfill a passion for their employees, but they are and always will be in high demand. This is a campaign to share scholarship opportunities available to aspiring trade workers.

The application link below is intended for students planning a career as a technician in a business that provides residential service for plumbing, HVAC or electrical.

2017 Technicians in Residential Plumbing, HVAC or Electrical Scholarship Application  

The application link below is for veterans, transitioning military personnel, National Guard and Reserve members looking for a new career in the plumbing, heating, cooling or electrical residential service industry.

2017 Troops to Trades Training Grants and Scholarships

The application link below, HomeAdvisor will award a $5,000 scholarship to three students who can devise a creative solution to America’s skilled labor crisis.

2017 Skilled Labor Shortage Scholarship

The Women in Skilled Trades Scholarship Program is a need-based scholarship program that is designed to provide financial assistance to eligible female students with demonstrated financial need.

Women in Skilled Trades Scholarship Program

Several HVAC Scholarship programs are included in the below link from

HVAC Scholarship Programs

Seven different scholarships available in the link below from, please click on the link below.

National Housing Endowment Student Scholarships

The scholarship amount for 2017 Women in HVACR has increased, see link below.

Women in HVACR Scholarship Program

All members of the Plumbing Industry are invited to apply for these scholarship programs below.

World Plumbing Council Scholarship Program




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