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Volunteer with Oregon Connections


Oregon Connections is a web-based tool that matches educators with career related resources for a variety of experiences including guest speakers, job shadows, field trips, in-school and out-of school volunteer opportunities, career fairs, informational interviews, internships, project based learning advisors, and more.

Oregon Connections offers both in-person matches and virtual matches. Teachers can easily input a request for a resource and the system will automatically find professionals whose skills match their request. Once a match is determined, the system can notify business professionals via email. Matches are also tracked within the system.

Oregon Connections supports the generation of reports based on a variety of metrics including hours by professionals and/or organizations, number of connections made, and type of connections made.




  • Enables teacher driven requests that match student learning needs
  • Supports project based learning initiatives
  • Provides career-related connections for authentic learning experiences
  • Provides context for learning experiences answering why do I need to know this?
  • Develops connections between students and future career opportunities


  • Easily connects with educators based on their skills, volunteer interests, location
  • Notifications automatically occur via email – no need to check a website for potential volunteer opportunities
  • Provides business/employers searching mechanisms through educator profiles
  • Connects our future work force to businesses
  • Provides meaningful ways to support education


  • Easily matches volunteers to educator and student needs
  • Communicates volunteer requests efficiently and easily
  • Track communications and generates reports
  • Provides teacher searching mechanisms through employer/business profiles
  • Created valuable connections between schools and businesses


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