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STEM Workshops at the OSTA Conference – Oct 13th

How Are You Hearing Me? Engaging Students in a 3D NGSS Learning Progression 

Instructors: Bradford Hill & Matt McCollum

Location: Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus

Audience: High School

This workshop aims to engage participants in a cell phone and telecommunications project. This 3D learning progression, like the 5 others that make up the Patterns Approach to Physics, integrates PBL, modeling, and the science and engineering practices.

We begin with the phenomenon of a cell phone call where the student asks, “how are you hearing me?” That launches us into telecommunications and a learning progression that targets all the NGSS wave PEs, and how the ear works. In addition, participants will code a simple app to first encode binary digital information and then decode it back into a text message.

4 Professional Development Units to be provided upon completion.


Tour of OHSUs Simulation Center: Explore OHSU’s state-of-the-art 

Mark Richardson Interprofessional Simulation Center in the Collaborative Life Sciences Building (CLSB) to learn about:1

  • Manikin based training
  • Standardized patient training
  • Virtual reality and procedural training
  • Have an opportunity to meet a simulated patient used for training of disciplines including medicine, anesthesia, surgical services, healthcare, education and research

After the tour, representatives from the pharmacy, radiation therapy, dentistry, medicine, physician’s assistant programs at OHSU will be available to discuss their programs and opportunities for students and teachers.

Parking near the site is limited and is not covered in the cost of this tour.  It is highly recommended that you utilize public transportation.


Cancer Medicine Focus Enhances Biology Curriculum

Instructors: Lynda Jones & Dr. Mary Zelinski

Location: Oregon National Primate Research Center

Audience: High School

Learn a new way to enhance biology teaching and student learning using real-life biomedical technologies. This NGSS-aligned, National Institutes of Health-sponsored, free web-based approach to teaching basic biological concepts has students assume the role of oncologists who specialize in cancer treatment. Concepts are informed by a new field of medicine, Oncofertility, encompassing technologies to preserve fertility in patients before cancer treatment. Learn how to integrate cancer and therapies, cell division, anatomy, physiology, cryopreservation, fertility preservation, stem cells, ethics, and epigenetics into biology. Hands-on activities include exploring optimal cryopreservation solutions for storing tissues and a biomaterial that maintains 3-dimensional cellular structure.

Lunch will be provided for this workshop.


NGSS through the lens of STEM and the Science and Engineering Practices

Instructor: Dr. Terry Talley and Jan Lanse, STEMscopes

Location: Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus

Audience: Middle School

The Oregon Science Standards offer a rich opportunity to view science instruction through a whole new lens – STEM! Join us in this highly engaging and hands-on session as we model and address STEM through the Oregon Science Standards. We will use research-based STEM instructional strategies to integrate 21st Century Skills, Engineering Practices, and Cross Cutting Concepts to tackle the use of Models, Argumentation, Discourse, and CER. An Engineering Design Process will be used and investigated while solving a design problem and demystify the 3 dimensions of the NGSS!

4 Professional Development Units to be provided upon completion.


NGSS for Middle School: Data Informed Engineering

Instructor: Berkeley Gadbaw

Location: Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus

Audience: Middle School

Come join us for a look at how middle school students can engage in two (rockets and hot packs) meaningful, data informed engineering tasks. We will collect and share data that enable us to make better engineering design decisions. In this class I will model ways to have students use white boards to make their thinking visible and how to conduct a “board meeting” to share data as a class. We will also use the cross-cutting concepts to better explain what is happening in each of these design tasks in terms of matter and energy.

4 Professional Development Units to be provided upon completion.


3D Scanning and Printing

Instructor: Edward Ivory

Location: Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus

Audience: General Audiences

Explore 3D scanning/printing through making a bust of yourself. Open lab format will allow for further exploration depending on skill level in CAD and modeling software.

This session will include:

o  Tour that will include virtual and walk-around of the MakerLab and Environmental Center

o  Demonstrations of student work and student testimonials

o  Resource highlights for high school teachers

o  Demonstration of 3D scan and print

o  Question and answer time

3 Professional Development Units to be provided upon completion.


Biology for the Next Generation

Instructors: Caitlin Everett & Charlotte Denis

Location: Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus

Audience: High School

This workshop focuses on three-dimensional (3D) learning through intertwining the disciplinary core ideas of modern biology with the scientific and engineering practices and crosscutting concepts as described in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Teachers will experience the Patterns Approach of using inquiry experiments as a mode to learn content as well as how to integrate engineering and student-centered learning experiences into their instruction. Teachers will also learn how to structure their inquiry and engineering investigations with multiple designs to foster scientific discourse between students during the analysis of data. Resources and unit plans with a scope and sequence that address the NGSS high school life science discipline will be shared.

4 Professional Development Units to be provided upon completion.


Teachers can register for these workshops at this link

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