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Private Eye Professional Development August 17-19 at Eastern Oregon University

June 16, 2015

Look at the world in a whole new way!  The Private Eye STEM Workshop will have educators, parents, and anyone working with students in grades K-12 using their jeweler’s loupe to look at everyday objects in a new way.  The power of questioning allows students to investigate objects.  Watch as their scientific knowledge, writing, art, and math skills accelerate during these investigations! Join us at Eastern Oregon University on August 17-19 for this interactive workshop.  Participants [...]

SuperQuest June 22-24 in Umatilla

June 16, 2015

It’s not too late to sign up!  Join us for an exciting opportunity to dive into the world of robotics, programming, and CTE Pedagogy.  Choose your session(s) to attend:  SparkFun, Umatilla Robotics, and/or OCSTA CTE and Pedagogy.  For a full description please visit the GO-STEM Hub website and click on the SuperQuest event ad to read more about each session. Educators and/or community members are invited to attend.  The Hub will reimburse your mileage and lodging at state rates. [...]

SuperQuest June 22-24 – Umatilla

June 15, 2015

SuperQuest is a highly collaborative technology training series designed specifically for K-12 teachers. Our goal is to empower educators with the skills and classroom tools to build hands-on technology learning directly into their classrooms or after school activities SuperQuest 2015@Eastern Oregon June 22-25 Umatilla High School 1400 7th Street Umatilla, OR 97882 Registration Fee: $0. Includes 1-4 days of instruction, breakfast and lunch. Registration is required. Questions? Contact Katie [...]

GO STEM Collaborative May Newsletter

May 5, 2015

Check out what’s happening in Eastern Oregon, there’s a lot of great opportunities and events! Those who have been waiting for their summer SuperQuest event (the robotics PD) registration is finally here! This is STEM Week Oregon and you have a chance to win a tablet! The GO-STEM Hub will also raffle off STEM related items for registrants in their 8 counties! ANYBODY can do a STEM related activity and register!<!-- AddThis Advanced Settings above via filter on wp_trim_excerpt [...]